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Tim Francis Founder of Great Assistant
Tim Francis is the Founder of Great Assistant, which helps Entrepreneurs get an effective and affordable Assistant who takes over the minutiae you hate doing so you can get back to the work you love.
Ross Hamilton CEO of Connected Investors.com
Ross Hamilton started investing in real estate in 2001 at 19 years of age and has personally owned or been a partner in hundreds of real estate investments around the US.

  • Launched his Real Estate career after breaking his leg BMX racing
  • Subject to deal as a first deal at age 19
  • The Lending Tree of Real Estate Funding Project
Melanie Johnson CEO of Elite Online Publishing
Melanie is the CEO of Elite Online Publishing. She is passionate about sharing people's stories that educate, motivate and inspire.

  • Everyone in your industry will be calling you--no more worry about leads or prospects
  • Become THE Authority in your market
  • Practice the 10x10x3 rule
Daniel St-Jean Author & Real Estate Investor
Daniel St-Jean loves The REITE Club! He loves helping people, he loves being in business, and he loves watching people be successful in whatever field they choose.

  • Rent to Own Done Right
  • From 0-49 Properties
  • Utilizing the Tenant/Buyer 1st Strategy
  • Learn How to UPOD

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