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Ross Stryker Smart Asset Opportunities
After 12 years serving in the military and over 20 years running a successful private practice, Ross Stryker realized if he didn’t alter his course he’d be trading hours for dollars forever.

In this episode:

    • Buy by the case and sell by the bottle
    • Focus on the lower level of the Maslow Hierarcy
    • Handling Projects and Teams in Different States
Ryan Wright DoHardMoney.com
Ryan has been a prolific fix & flip entrepreneur since 2002 and has mentored thousands of new real estate investors during that time.
Eddie Speed Founder of NoteSchool & Principal of Colonial Capital Management LLC
Since 1980, Eddie Speed has dedicated his professional life to the Note buying industry, seller financing, and non-performing notes.

In this episode:

    • Become your own bank and stop wasting money
    • STOP - No matter what niche you're in you can buy more homes with this 40,000 deals and still going
Ryan Enk CashFlow DadLife
After college, Ryan got a job teaching, got married, had a baby, and then became an evacuee of Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans.

In this episode:

    • From homeless in New Orleans to depression to over drafted accounts to financial freedom with 5 kids
    • Create $10,000 out of nothing in less than a month
    • Should you go to college or hire mentors?
    • STOP READING if you're not implementing

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