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Ryan Enk CashFlow DadLife
After college, Ryan got a job teaching, got married, had a baby, and then became an evacuee of Hurricane Katrina when it hit New Orleans.

In this episode:

    • From homeless in New Orleans to depression to over drafted accounts to financial freedom with 5 kids
    • Create $10,000 out of nothing in less than a month
    • Should you go to college or hire mentors?
    • STOP READING if you're not implementing
Bill Reich Bright Property Solutions
Bill started Bright Property Solutions in 2017 at the ripe young age of 71. He and his partner, Joanne, have grown the business to over $1M per year by buying and selling residential properties on terms in the DC/Baltimore area.

  • Hard lessons learned in the trenches so you don't have to
  • New Smart Real Estate Coach Certified Coach
  • Converting a Sandwich Lease to a subject to
Stephen Woessner Founder and CEO of Predictive ROI
Stephen Woessner is the founder and CEO of Predictive ROI, a digital marketing agency, and the host of Onward Nation -- a top-rated daily podcast for learning how today's top business owners think, act, and achieve.
Paul Thompson President at WinCore Invest
He used to have a corporate day job. Now he’s a full-time real estate investor who lives to help others find their way.

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