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Reed Goossens Real Estate Syndicator, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Author, & Investor
In 2012, Reed Goossens quit his job in Australia and moved halfway across the globe to the US to change his life, and to chase a dream.

  • From engineer to Real Estate
  • Left job security for full time real estate
  • How did he transition from a triplex to large apt communities
  • From Australia to US Expert and Best Selling Author
Jack Gibson Co-Owner of High Return Real Estate
Jack Gibson began his entrepreneurial journey at 19, and founded his first company at the ripe old age of 21. Operating a successful nutrition consulting and distribution company, he had built a multi-million dollar venture before he was old enough to rent a car.
Jennifer Hansen Managing Partner at Burrow & Bell Property Solutions
Jennifer Hansen is a writer and editor who grew a side gig of real estate investing into seven-figure holdings. In this episode:

  • How much does intuition and Mindset play in your real estate success?
  • Trust your gutt and play big
  • Truly a win, win, win
  • High 6 Associate speaks from the heart
Jeff Schechter CEO and Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate
Jeff Schechter, AKA “Shecky,” has had the entrepreneurial bug his entire life. He started his first business right out of college and over the years been involved in numerous businesses ventures. In this episode:

  • What does Turnkey Real Estate Investing mean and how can you participate?
  • What's a better investment - existing business or real estate?
  • How do you maintain mindset of a young person when starting and building a multi-million dollar business right before 60th birthday?

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