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Chris Naugle Flipout Academy & The Money School
Chris is a nationally recognized entrepreneur with high-level experience as a financial advisor managing over 30 million dollars in assets.

In this episode:

  • Pro Snow Boarder Who Crashed & Burned
  • Learn from his mistakes
  • Would you have taken that jump?
Kristen Gallant Executive Assistant at Smart Real Estate Coach
Kristen Gallant is an Executive Assistant at Smart Real Estate Coach.

  • Wife, Mom & Family Balance
  • Striking out on own at age 18
  • How to juggle, manage and assist 2 owners of a growing company
  • How to successfully change industries
Scott Bossman Owner at Bossman Consulting, LLC & Outreach Specialist at Land Geek Enterprises, LLC
When Scott Bossman stumbled into the world of land investing, he had no experience in real estate or business.

In this episode:

  • Feel the Discomfort and do it anyway
  • How to work from your computer in your sweat pants
  • Juggling 4 kids, family and profiting with Land
  • Land Investing on steroids
Justin Stoddart Founder and Owner of Thing Bigger Real Estate
Justin is the founder of Think Bigger Real EstateĀ® and host of the Think Bigger Real Estate Show podcast in which he broadcasts a daily interview with a big thinker and high achiever.

In this episode:

  • The ultimate value proposition
  • Your business cannot outgrow you - here's how to avoid bottle neck
  • Thinking Bigger and the ultimate grit story

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