Episode 79: Be a fly on the wall and listen to this, with Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine is the Amazon Bestselling author of Real Estate on your terms – Create continuous cash flow now, without using your cash or credit. He’s also the founder of SmartRealEstateCoach.com and SmartRealEstatecoachPodcast.com. Chris has been in real estate for 25+ years. His experience includes the construction of over 100+ single family and duplex homes […]

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Episode 77: 4 Rules of Investing Everyone Needs to Know, with Dave Zook

Dave Zook is a successful business owner and experienced real estate investor active in the Multi-Family Apartment space and resort community development with real estate holdings in several states and several countries. Dave has purchased over $100 Million worth of real estate since 2009 and has over 2700 Multi-Family Apartments in his portfolio. Together with […]

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Episode 73: Get out of the bathtub, with Tom Olson

Tom Olson is the Founder and President of Olson Group Network, Olson Property Services, Olson Construction Management Services and Good Success. His life mission is to glorify God by adding value to his communities. His life ambition is to give away a billion dollars in his lifetime and to flip the city of Gary, IN, […]

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Episode 71: ALL Businesses and Entrepreneurs Need to Attract New Customers or Die

Lyndsay Phillips is a serial entrepreneur, self-professed organizational freak, client-appointed task master plus project ninja and warrior content marketer for life & business coaches, accountants, and other online entrepreneurs across the globe. She is the CEO & Founder of Smooth Sailing Business Growth & Smooth Business Growth Podcast – 15 Minutes Of Pure Marketing Strategies […]

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Episode 70: Learn about the Opportunity Zones

During his 30-year career, Eddie Lorin has been responsible for the acquisition of more than $3.7 billion in office, industrial and apartment community assets nationwide. Prior to founding Impact Housing.com, he founded its Sponsor, Strategic Realty Holdings, LLC, as a culmination of his years of experience in investment real estate and as an offshoot of […]

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