January 16, 2019

Double Your Money On Deals Like This (or $177,000 Profit From a $177,000 Purchase), with Adam Adams

Episode 78:

Adam started investing in real estate in 2005. After repositioning his first apartment community in 2007 (from a $2MM value to $4MM value in 12 months) as a property manager, Adam bought his first multifamily apartment building. Since then, Adam has managed several single-family fix & flips and holds over a hundred multifamily rental doors. Adam is the organizer of Colorado’s most active real estate group, and he hosts of the Creative Real Estate Podcast. Adam has been a guest on countless popular podcasts including the Best Ever Show, Investor Army and the Investability Podcast.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Adam got started in real estate in 2005 thanks to a push from his father, and why Rich Dad Poor Dad was a major influence
  • How Adam survived the 2008 real estate crash, and why he got back into real estate in 2015 despite his fears
  • How Adam’s father operates in tax deed properties, using quit claim deeds to buy properties for $100 or less plus back taxes
  • How Adam started a real estate investors’ lunch club in Denver, and why you should consider starting your own group
  • Why real estate meetup groups are a powerful networking tool, and how to ask the right questions to market your event
  • Why it’s crucial to be consistent with your meetups regardless of initial attendance, and why your goals determine what you get from meetups
  • What three productive things Adam does every day to prepare himself for success in his business
  • What Adam is looking to do and master in the future, and why he’s wanting to do massive events in the coming year
  • Why you should have a 10-year and 5-year plan, and benchmark your way to achieving your goals
  • What book Adam is reading now, what book he’s planning on reading next
  • Who Adam’s favorite mentor is, and why he has found such value from the relationship


Adam’s Recommended Reading List: