September 13, 2018

Stephen Woessner interviews Chris Prefontaine about how to leverage your expertise and dominate your market

Episode BONUS:

Chris Prefontaine is the host of this great podcast…but before he decided to launch the Smart Real Estate Coach Podcast, Chris and his family were buying and selling between four to 10 properties per month as part of their investment company…and that work in the trenches still continues today. The only difference is that Chris and his family now mentors real estate investors from coast-to-coast on how to apply his real estate on your terms system in their own market. And his strategy for creating 3 pay days with each transaction not only helps investors generate immediate cash flow — but it helps them step into financial freedom on their own terms.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why Chris is so passionate about helping investors step into financial freedom
  • A major problem many people face when getting started in real estate
  • The integrity Chris had when things went bad in 2008
  • Advice Chris got 10 years ago that helped him get to where he is today
  • Key strategies Chris and his team teach his associates
  • Why it’s so important to be an expert and dominate your market and how that can make you even more money
  • The story behind how Smart Real Estate Coach came to be
  • Doubting thoughts that crept in when Chris was starting the podcast and how he was able to overcome them
  • Why you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and what “success leaves clues” means
  • Looking at what the economics need to be for you to be successful and an example of how to manipulate them
  • What it’s like finding guests to be on the podcast
  • The moment Chris knew he was going to be successful
  • How podcasting has helped Chris network and open doors to new relationships
  • Ways podcasting can increase revenue
  • Having patience when growing your business and the importance of looking back where you came from
  • Why you need to dig deeper if something has your attention