June 4, 2021

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing, with Casanova Brooks

Episode 275:

Casanova Brooks is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, high-energy keynote speaker, and real estate professional. Through his battles with adversity in many stages of his life including stage four lymphoma cancer, to losing his mother, job, and home in a matter of a couple of weeks, even with having very limited resources Casanova learned to develop a bulletproof mindset to thrive and succeed in life and business. From producing 46 deals and $8 million in his first year in real estate to now owning multiple businesses, he has been an action-taker in every sense of the word. Casanova now focuses on empowering others to focus on developing their mindset to become the best version of themselves to thrive in their own lives.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Casanova knew from an early age that he wanted to own property despite not seeing anyone in his life own anything
  • Why the phrase “be the lord of your land” was the force that pushed Casanove into getting started in real estate investing
  • How losing his mother, job, and home in a matter of weeks caused Casanova to go full-time in real estate
  • What three tactics and principles Casanova recommends for getting out of a bad mindset or personal struggles
  • How Casanova was able to borrow the mentality of others during his journey, despite not having a traditional mentor
  • Why Casanova has found that owning daycare centers has given him a sense of security


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