September 25, 2020

Know and Grow Your Cash Flow, with David Ritcher

Episode 204:

David Ritcher is on a mission to help stressed entrepreneurs who are frustrated with not knowing their numbers and not making a profit. David cleans up their books, interprets their numbers for them, and implements a system that will increase and prioritize their profits–this leads to being less stressed, confident in their numbers, and the ability to make the profit they need to accomplish their vision. He has been in the real estate investing world specifically for the last six years. He has served on the leadership team of real estate investing companies doing over 300 deals a year between wholesaling, fixing and flipping, lease optioning, and turnkeying properties. He has sat in all the real estate investing seats from acquisitions, dispositions, property management, project management, transaction coordination, accounting, etc. He speaks real estate investors fluently, has no debt in his business or his personal life, and practices all the principles and actions he teaches. For him to continue to consistently grow and help others, he read over 50 books a year.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How David got his start in the real estate business
  • How Simple CFO Solutions is changing the lives of entrepreneurs in the real estate industry
  • What Simple CFO Solutions is doing to help investors know and grow their cash flow
  • Why your mindset about your numbers is one of the biggest obstacles to your success in real estate
  • The regimen that keeps David’s personal life aligned with his vision for success
  • How mentorship has played a key role in David’s ability to flourish in his real estate career



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