January 10, 2020

Twelve Businesses Later: Talking to a Serial Real Estate Entrepreneur, with Greg Dickerson

Episode 130:

Greg Dickerson is a serial entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach and mentor, he has bought developed and sold over $200 million in real estate, built and remodeled hundreds of custom homes and commercial buildings and started 12 different companies from the ground up.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Greg initially got started in real estate as a remodeling contractor and a commercial and residential developer
  • How Greg operates in his particular niche of real estate, and why he is a big believer in delegating responsibility
  • Why finding the right mentors who are already successful in the areas you want to operate in is the key to fast-tracking your success
  • What three basic but important mistakes often stop real estate students and new investors from achieving the success they’re looking for
  • What qualities Greg looks for in the students he accepts, and why Greg believes in only accepting students for whom his coaching is the right fit
  • What kind of success Greg has found doing deals on terms in his business, and what critical lessons he learned after building twelve different businesses
  • How Greg and his real estate businesses survived the 2008 real estate market collapse, and how he was able to rebuild
  • Why you should never, ever personally guarantee your debt, and why advancing the wrong people in your business can create lasting problems
  • What daily habits Greg keeps to help him perform at his best, and why he strongly believes in continual learning and personal development


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